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Seattle Seahawks defensive game logs. 2018. Quarterbacks vs. Seattle ... Running Backs vs. Seattle Seahawks ... Wide Receivers vs. Seattle Seahawks ...

Best slot receiver in 2017? Doug Baldwin - Baldwin, in his seventh season, was Seattle's No. 1 receiver in 2017 and according to Bleacher Report he was also the league's best slot receiver. Site scouts Marcus Mosher and Joe Goodberry analyzed the league's receivers in 2017 and ranked the top 36 in a list released Tuesday morning. Seattle’s Angry Bird Receivers Are On... : The Shadow… Super Bowl XLVIII has been billed as immovable object (Seahawks defense) vs. unstoppableHe echoes the sentiments of each of Seattle’s Angry Bird receivers. Note to self, do not insinuateAfter Sidney Rice tore his ACL, Baldwin was converted from a slot receiver to flanker and split end as well. Battle Of The Best: 2013 Seahawks Defense vs 2002 Tampa… There have been many stories about what defense stands as the best in the history of the NFL. This series intends to trump them all. The 2013 Seattle Seahawks defense belongs in the conversation for all-time great defenses, but it is unclear exactly how they compare to the legendary 2000 Ravens... Jets #2 screen - man coverage vs slot receiver; receiver

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2017 Slot vs. Wide: Defense | Football Outsiders Aug 6, 2018 ... by Scott Kacsmar. We have recently looked at the 2017 regular season data on passes to receivers marked slot and wide for wide receivers, ...

See preseason expert consensus rankings for Seattle Seahawks Defense and Special Teams, ... Davante Adams to see more looks in the slot this year.

I wish I would have seen this earlier, I would have helped. You can't just tally the stats from the Slot guys because they all run routes from the perimeter as well. Long story short, I track this stuff in a huge spreadsheet. I tweet out a lot of charts and stuff regarding Slot WRs and DEF vs receivers out of the slot.

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2017 Defense vs. Wide Receivers. The next table features the same data as the previous table, but only for targets that went to wide receivers.Since wide receivers account for so many of the slot and wide targets in a season, the rankings in this table are very close to the first table. Film Review: Seattle Seahawks Pass Defense vs. Steelers So what is happening to Seattle defense? Has the lost talent in the secondary (Brandon Browner, ByronHe didn’t get a whole lot of depth in his drops and was waiting for a dump off receiver to come outWhen in zone coverage, though, if there isn’t a receiver in front of you, you are supposed to be... The best and worst schedules for the fantasy slot wide …