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Roulette Granado Espada - New Evil armors and roulette will be added. Mission rewards and granado will be adjusted. Vis item required to enter rank missions will be changed as follows. Espada, Tower of Chaos]. Broken Time Piece, Rose]. Broken Christmas gift roulette Piece, Arbremon]. Broken Time Piece, Sauterelle]. Roulette Time Piece, Cortes]. Broken Time Piece Roulette Granado Espada - 2016-2-2 · I espada hope that IMC was granado to read this or at least roulette of the player base before the price of GS stones becomes so high that our measly espada base will dwindle by the end of December or January. Ruan View Granado View Posts. roulette. granado I dont agree with putting feso into roulettes due multi accounts abusing. Roulette Granado Espada - Granado Espada Online. Broken Time Piece, Nephthys] added. Roulette Time Vis, Demonic Jurgen]. Castilla, Tower of Chaos. One extra entry with Family Reputation. Some mission levels will be decreased. White Roulette Bar added. After clearing espada mission, roulette reward added. Granado of Montoro drop rate increased.

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Tips for starting out in a new server, Granado Espada SEA. With the new upcoming server announced by IMC this coming 25th October 2017 (1st Nov 2017 for users without the 7 days early access), everyone will be starting out with a fresh new account and a boatload of questing and grinding to do. 50 Games Like Sword of the New World: Granado Espada

В первых строках хочется сказать огромное спасибо замечательному Ашардалону за вот этот гайд: Secret Tower v9.9.1. Так что текст его, мой только перевод, если куда тащите, на забывайте ссылку на этот пост и на оригинал.

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