Baton rouge casino smoking ban

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Dec 19, 2018 ... In June, Baton Rouge's three riverboat casinos saw their winnings drop 15.6 percent as a result of the ban on smoking, according to a report by ...

East Baton Rouge Metro Council passes smoking ban for bars ... East Baton Rouge Metro Council passes smoking ban for bars and casinos - Ban would not go into effect until June 1, 2018 - affects bars and casinos. Apparently Ch Baton Rouge council to take up smoking ban - BATON ROUGE — An ordinance that would ban smoking in Baton Rouge’s casinos and bars is finally headed to the East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Council. The council should vote on the ordinance in ... Louisiana Casinos & Bars Go Smoke-Free in January 2019 2018 Louisiana Smoking Ban. Proponents of the smoking ban say they are protecting non-smoking bar and casino employees and players from second-hand smoke. City leaders in Baton Rouge joined together in an effort to protect those who have suffered from secondhand smoke and the subsequent health risks it involves. The bartenders, wait staff ... THE BEST Baton Rouge Casinos - TripAdvisor

Baton Rouge to Take Long Drag in Deciding Casino Smoking Ban

Louisiana Gaming officials are not ruling out the possibility of a smoking ban hitting Baton Rouge bars and casinos.A proposed ordinance to ban smoking in bars and casinos in New Orleans has had people wondering if that could ... Baton Rouge Considering Casino Smoking Ban The city of Baton Rouge is considering implementing a new ordinance that would outlaw smoking inside local casinos. Here we magnify the few main reasons. Baton Rouge to Take Long Drag in Deciding Casino Smoking Ban

Aug 11, 2017 · Another Louisiana city as snuffed out smoking in its bars and casinos, as on Wednesday the East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Council approved an ordinance that bans smoking from bars and casinos. The ban was approved by a 7-5 and will go into effect next June as a compromise to

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BATON ROUGE- A new smoking ordinance is now in effect for customers in bars and casinos. Smoke breaks will now have to be taken outdoors. Many businesses are creating outdoor patio space to allow

Metro Council passes smoking ban in bars and casinos, but Starting next June, smokers must go outside of bars and casinos to light up . On Wednesday, the East Baton Rouge Metro Council passed a compromise ban that will outlaw smoking inside bars and Baton Rouge To Ban Smoking In Bars & Casinos Mar 22, 2016 · An ordinance banning smoking in bars and casinos in Baton Rouge is expected to be introduced into the East Baton Parish Council in Louisiana USA. The idea to extend smoking ban to all workplaces was mooted early January and a public campaign was launched in its support. Sponsored by five members of the council, the […] Ordinance could ban smoking in EBR bars and casinos